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Solar System Dice

Solar System Dice

Gatekeeper Games


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Solar System Dice a set of specialty dice designed with after the majestic Solar System in which we all live.  Featuring a Sun, all 9 planets, our moon, and even an asteroid belt.  Solar System Dice are designed to be a more-than-complete 14-die set, including 2d4, 5 total d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d%, 1d12, and 3 different sizes of d20!

Co-designed with care by our friends at Norse Foundy, each die features classic Greek & Medieval astronomy symbols for the high-numbers.

Made of high-impact resin, with the same casting process we invented for our original Halfsies Dice in 2013 that prevents air-bubbles from forming inside, Gate Keeper Games dice bear the honor of being the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice … in the Solar System!

Let’s take a look at each member of our Solar System in order, including it’s style, size, and color.

  • Sun – d20. Three-color Essence dice – orange, yellow & more orange- a staggering 35mm
  • Mercury – d4. Super pearlized Alea Simplex dice – mercury silver – 22.5mm
  • Venus – d6. Two-color Essence dice – teal and mint – 16.5mm.
  • Earth – d6. Two-color swirl Sui Generis dice – blue & green – 16.5mm
  • The Moon. d20 – Marbleized swirl Alea Simplex sparkle dice – moon grey – a miniature 15mm
  • Mars – d8. Pearlescent one color Alea Simplex – red-orange – 16.5mm
  • Asteroid Belt – 3d6.  Marbleized swirl Alea Simplex dice – dark grey with asteroid d6 pips – miniature 12mm
  • Jupiter – d20.  Five-layer pearlescent Sui Generis dice – reds, browns, and beiges – 25mm (so perfect!)
  • Saturn – d12.  Three-layer Neutron dice to emulate the rings – galactic violet – 18.5mm
  • Uranus – d10.  Three-layer Supernova dice to emulate the rings – ocean and mint greens – 16.5mm
  • Neptune – d%.  Two-color Essence dice – watery blues – 16.5mm
  • and yes…
  • Pluto – d4.  One color semi-translucent pearlized Sui Generis – yellow (Because, yes, Pluto is still a planet. : ) – 22.5mm

Due to the size, weight, and necessity of additional security measures for the safety of the dice (thicker box, occasional padding), this item is not eligible for free shipping.

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