Star Trek Attack Wing Romulan Faction Pack 1

by Attack Wing Star Trek

$45.00 USD
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WizKids is pleased to announce the Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack, a new product configuration coming to Star Trek: Attack Wing tactical miniatures game! Each Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Pack will include four pre-painted plastic ships with cards, token sheets, dial connector pieces, bases, and pegs to accompany them. All the cards and tokens in these faction packs will be brand new and will allow a player to field a never-before-seen fleet from right out of the box! This faction pack offers a fleet of four Romulan ships! That’s not all, the amazing price point of these Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Packs allows players to get four ships for the same price as two normal expansion packs! Twice the ships, twice the value! Card Pack Contents: Pre-Painted Plastic Ships Maneuver Dial(s) Dial Connector Pieces Cards Tokens Bases Pegs