Star Trek: The Original Series - Spock Mask

by Trick Or Treat Studios

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Star Trek: The Original Series - Spock Mask

Trick or Treat Studios and CBS is proud to present the Star Trek - 1975 Spock Mask.

This mask was released in 1975, along with the 1975 Kirk Mask from Don Post Studios. Needless to say, this mask completely outsold the Kirk, but the Kirk became a classic later thanks to it's conversion to a little horror icon called Micael Myers. After it's retirement, the 1975 Spock Mask became an instant collectors item.

Fast forward to 2017, when Trick or Treat Studios was lucky enough to acquire the actual Don Post 1975 Spock Mold which is were all the production toolings for this mask come from.

So once again Leonard Nimoy as Spock makes his return to latex in his original 1975 splendor. Live Long and Prosper!

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