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Sword and Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles - Thane/Skald (Sigrid/Sigurd) Hero Pack

Sword and Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles - Thane/Skald (Sigrid/Sigurd) Hero Pack

Sword and Sorcery


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The world of Sword & Sorcery® always needs new heroes! With Sword & Sorcery - Sigrid/Sigurd (Thane/Skald) Hero Pack, you now have the possibility to introduce two new, powerful characters into your campaign.

The rage of Sigurd and Sigrid, legends of the Northern Lands, is ready to be unleashed! Bards still play songs reminding the world of their epic deeds, such as the defeat of the Snow Gremlins or the destruction of the Frost Giants' citadel! Sigurd and Sigrid can be played as either a Thane or a Skald.

As a Thane, your Hero is a warrior of exceptional strength and constitution who draws upon mystical powers to forge and throw lightning and flaming hammers at their enemies. But they can also be a faithful guardian of the party, able to protect their fellow adventurers.

As a Skald, your Hero is strong, fast, and valiant as few others. They are also able to inspire and lead their comrades with war-chants and mystical lyrics, as well as terrorize their foes with the powerful echo of the Gjallarhorn.

This Special Hero Pack features two complete, playable new Heroes: six miniatures and everything you need to play them – cards, tokens, Soul Gems, Hero sheets and rules. Each character is included in their normal version, their Ghost Soul form version, and as their own Nemesis – the dark side of the Hero!


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