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Swords & Sails: Mercenaries & Privateers

Swords & Sails: Mercenaries & Privateers

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Mercenaries & Privateers is a card expansion for the Epic Board game, Swords & Sails: Rewrite History in 1000 AD.

The new expansion will Feature 100 new cards, including the Mercenary/Privateer, Revolt and Calamity/Prosperity categories of intrigue cards. This will expanded the original deck of 60 intrigue cards and the 4 original categories of Development (Green), Political (Blue), Espionage (Yellow), and War (Red) to 6 Categories adding the Calamity (Grey) and the Prosperity (White) categories. The new Mercenary and Privateer cards are in the War (Red) category. Intrigue cards expand the options which Swords & Sails players have during a game and represent many simulated choices which make the game more realistic and very satisfying to play. Intrigue cards are acquired by players during the intrigue phase of the game, with each player gaining at least one card, each turn.

For more details on the original game Swords & Sails, rules, and components, please see the Rules section below.

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