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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Tokka 5" BST AXN Figure

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Tokka 5" BST AXN Figure

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Tokka 5" BST AXN Figure

Snaps a-hoy! Watch out, it's Tokka, everyone's un-favorite snapping mutant turtle! Killer paint details, killer sculpt details, spikes-galore, 31 points of articulation, deadly weapons, killer claws, and the mark of the Foot Clan, this is one bad "toitle" not to mess with! He's a big boy, also a smidge under 6"! Gotta have them both! Created after The Shredder unleashed mutagen at a zoo, Tokka is an out-of-control alligator snapping turtle! After being captured by the mutant hunter Dirk Savage, he was rescued by his best friend Rahzar. Together, Tokka and Rahzar form a fearsome duo, wreaking havoc and posing a significant threat to the turtles and their allies. Packaged in a unique collector's box with a dioramic insert. Crisp paint, and clean sculpt details. Maximum poseability. Includes a beautifully designed signature TLS collectors card. * 1:15 scale figures. * 31 points of articulation. * Includes a double joint at the knee, butterfly joints at the shoulders, a thigh swivel, a rotating ball joint at the ankle, a swivel at the wrist (up, and down, and side to side), elbow joints, ball joint at the neck, upper thigh stretch. * Interchangeable set of hands, Big Bad Stick and Snappin' Scimitar * BST AXN sticker! * Beautifully designed signature TLS collectors card. * Ages 8+

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