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Texas Roll 'Em

Texas Roll 'Em

Steve Jackson Games

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Texas Roll'Em is a new variant of Liar's Dice with a Texas Hold'Em flair. As in Liar's Dice, all players secretly roll a number of dice (in this case, 4 of them). Additionally, there are 3 "community" dice rolled in advance, mirroring the "flop" in Texas Hold'Em poker. Players "bid" the number of dice of a certain type that they think have been rolled, totalling all players' dice plus the community dice. (There are also wilds that count as any type.) Players must continue increasing the "bid" clockwise around the table until someone decides to "call" the bidder. Then, all dice are revealed, and 2 additional "community" dice are rolled, mirroring the "river" and the "turn". If the bidder can make his bid, the caller must pay him the number of chips equal to the difference between his bid and the actual count, otherwise the bidder pays the caller. If the bidder made his bid exactly, he wins the pot. In any case, the loser of that challenge also loses one of their dice. A player is out of the game if he runs out of chips or dice.

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