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The Artemis Project Satellites and Commanders

The Artemis Project Satellites and Commanders

Grand Gamers Guild

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The Artemis Project Satellites and Commanders


Adds satellites and commanders

1-5 Players  |  60-75 Mins  |  Ages 13+

Features: Auction/Bidding, Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Take That, Worker Placement with Dice Workers

Theme: Expansion for Base-game, Dice, Science Fiction, Space Exploration


With barely a foothold in the snow, your squads of Stabilizers have brought new technology that allows for the continuation of The Artemis Project. The launching of geosynchronous platforms called Chariots, which orbit Europa and influence the development of the colonies below.

Simultaneously, an elite group of women and men, forged under Europa's harsh conditions, have emerged to assume greater leadership roles. These Commanders have assumed a prestigious rank with great power and authority over the growing colonies.

With one harsh development cycle under your belt, you look to expand your colony and compete again to establish the most successful outpost on the resource-rich Europa. The Artemis Project continues...

The Artemis Project: Satellites & Commanders is an expansion that adds two new major opportunities for strategic play to the base game. Satellites are off-board locations which players can access and influence the action on the moon’s surface below in subtle yet powerful ways. Commanders are a new category of colonist that can act as any colonist type, lend their power to dice you send to various locations, and assist in end game scoring.

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