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The Crow - Eric Draven Premium Format Statue

The Crow - Eric Draven Premium Format Statue

Sideshow Collectibles

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The Crow - Eric Draven Premium Format Statue

"They're all dead. They just don't know it yet." Sideshow presents The Crow Premium Format Figure, a must-have cult classic movie collectible. The Crow Premium Format Figure measures 22" tall and 11.38" wide as Eric Draven, fresh from the grave, stalks through raging flames to exact his revenge on the men who ruined his life. Based on the likeness of actor Brandon Lee in the unforgettable role, the undead antihero rests a shotgun on his shoulder while the mysterious crow guides his vindictive path, wings outstretched. His portrait features his iconic face makeup, sculpted hair, and a somber look encapsulating his tragic transformation. The Crow Premium Format Figure features a mixed media costume application, blending sculpted and tailored elements to recreate Eric Draven's signature gothic appearance in scaled collectible form. The morbid musician wears a pair of black fabric pants carefully fitted to the figure as he walks, and his fabric trench coat features wire in the hem for dramatic posing. Draven also sports a sculpted black shirt riddled with tears, sculpted black tape wraps on his waist and arms to cover his wounds, and sculpted black boots scuffed with elements of distress. He wears Shelly Webster's ring around his neck, close to his heart, as a reminder of what he lost on that fated Devil's Night. It can't rain all the time - fire it up in your collection and bring home The Crow Premium Format Figure today.

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