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The Deadlies

The Deadlies

Smirk & Dagger

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The Deadlies

GREED, PRIDE, WRATH… just three of the 7 Deadlies you will encounter in this devious little card game for 3 – 5 players. Play as many cards as you can each turn, of the same suit, number value or a straight of any length. Do your best to rid yourself of them all, as soon as you can – while your opponents do their damnedest to fill your hand with more! Empty your hand three times to WIN, and become the ENVY of all your friends!

  • Quick-teaching, dastardly card game for ages 10 & up.
  • Highly interactive, “take that” style game play
  • Humorously themed upon the Seven Deadly Sins, depicted as cute lil’ animals of evil, each with a special ability befitting their nature.

3-5 Players

30 Min Play Time

Ages 10+

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