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The Lord of the Rings - The Argonath Diorama

The Lord of the Rings - The Argonath Diorama


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The Lord of the Rings - The Argonath Diorama

Rounding a bend in the river all eyes rise to behold a spectacle seen by few, the mighty Argonath: The Pillars of the Kings. With feet planted as if gliding upon the water, two great statues rise far above with arms raised in challenge and weapons clutched tight to their chests. Crowns adorn their great grey heads while stone eyes gaze north in ceaseless vigilance. Hewn by many hands from living rock, the Argonath are carved in the likeness of the kings of old, Aragorn's kin. In centuries past they guarded the boundary of ancient Gondor, standing immovable against the foes of Númenor; projections of the power and majesty of a people now all but gone. Features: - Depicts the iconic scene from the official Fellowship of the Ring film poster - Hand sculpted environment - Incredibly minute details including a miniature Fellowship in boats - Faithfully recreated using screen-accurate reference materials This gorgeous miniature environment piece was designed and prototyped at Weta Workshop by a crew of artists and craftspeople. It's a real team effort to produce a piece like this.

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