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The Pursuit of Happiness Nostalgia

The Pursuit of Happiness Nostalgia

Artipia Games


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From time to time, we all seek refuge in fond memories from our past; reminiscing about warm, cozy places where we once felt safe, blissful moments when everything seemed possible, significant others that made us feel important, made us feel loved... All these nostalgic reflections trigger a bittersweet, fuzzy emotion that gives a different perspective to our never-ending pursuit of happiness..!

The Pursuit of Happiness: Nostalgia expansion introduces the concept of reminiscences; fond childhood memories, unfulfilled desires, dreams and aspirations of the past that players long to revive and pursue... The Nostalgia deck features double-sided cards that, once their requirements are met, unlock unique card types and game-play options to the players. Dealt from the very beginning of the game, these cards will drive players' game choices as they genuinely promote planning ahead. Is it ever really too late to chase your deepest dreams and desires? The expansion also enriches existing card types (Projects, Items, Activities, Jobs, Partners, Life Goals and Child Traits) in order to guarantee a true “blast from the past” experience!

-description from designer

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