The Three Little Wolves

by Renegade Game Studios

$28.00 USD
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The Three Little Wolves

Play as the three little wolves in this revamp of a classic tale! Work to build the tallest house before the Big Bad Pig demolishes your building in this fast-playing card game.


  • Compete as a family of wolves, aiming to build the tallest houses in the city
  • Claim additional points by sneaking your wolf into another player's house
  • Fast-playing and ideal for consecutive play throughs
  • Features charming art in this re-construction of a storybook classic.


  • 60 Floor Cards
  • 3 Big Bad Pig Cards
  • 12 Wolf Tokens
  • 3 Big Bad Pig Tokens
  • 3 Tallest House Tokens
  • 1 Mustache Token
  • 1 Rules Sheet

2-4 Players

20 Min Play Time

Ages 8+