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The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Aussie Humans

The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Aussie Humans

Icebreaker Games

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The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Aussie Humans

D'ya rekon small talk's for Bogans? Ditch theidle chit-chat and open up a whole outback ofdinky-di topics to discuss and debate with TheUltimate Icebreaker Game for Aussie Humans.

Introducing Aussie Humans, our first stand-aloneexpansion meaning the game can be played on itsown OR with any other Curious Humans titles.

With a sleek new design, brilliant unique artwork,smaller size and lower price Aussie Humans is ourmost accessible title yet!

How to Play Choose the statement Guess the answer Reveal the truth Discuss the outcome

Gameplay is easy as! Learn the ropes in 30 seconds! Clean it up for ankle biters by removeing any of the colour coded categories to customise your game. Unique TRUE & FALSE cards avaiable only in Aussie Humans. Play Aussie Humans on its own or mix it up with other Curious Humans games.


  • 130 statement cards
  • 10 unique true cards
  • 10 unique false cards

2-10 players

Ages: 12+

30-90 minutes gameplay

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