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The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Curious Humans

The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Curious Humans

Icebreaker Games

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The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Curious Humans

"Do you hate small talk? Prefer to discuss aliens, conspiracies, sex, death, music, dreams, religion, philosophy? Then this game is for you. Curious humans is the Ultimate Icebreaker!

DESTROY SMALL TALK - Open up a world of interesting scenarios, beliefs and dilemmas to discuss and debate. Do you really know your friends? The truth may shock you.

GREAT FOR ALL AGES - Curious Humans uses colour coded categories to help you tailor your game! Hens night?  Play with the Sexy red cards, Playing with kids? take them out.  Like heated debates? The blue Controversial cards have got you covered.  Drinking with the boys? The yellow Awkward cards are where it's at.  Mix 'n' match for the best game experience.

EASY TO LEARN - Learn to play in 30 seconds with the quick start instructions!

AMAZING REPLAYABILITY - With over 340 statement cards, the game always feels fresh and is never the same with new people. Twist up your gameplay with the twist cards, TARGET your friends and LIE and TRICK your way to victory,

PLAY ANYWHERE - Perfect game for any social function, break the ice at house parties, forget your phone at family dinners!  Get to know your fellow humans anywhere from afterwork drinks to swingers parties!

SECRET WEAPON OF INTROVERTS - Dreading that next social event? bring along Curious Humans and avoid all those awkward silences!

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