Theophrastus - Tabletop Game

by Mayfair Games

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Theophrastus - Tabletop Game

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Ages: 10+
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 15-30 minutes
Designer: P.R Chase
Art: "Robert Carty, P.R. Chase"

At the end of the Renaissance, one alchemist rose above the rest:

Theophrastus von Bombast der Hohenheim.

His skill and knowledge of alchemy and science were legendary. Each year Theophrastus would accept only one new apprentice. This fortunate youth, upon completion of his training, would depart for the luxuries of life in the court of some noble or king. But Theophrastus had many applicants. To select his new apprentice, Theophrastus would challenge them with a clever test of their skill and alchemical talent. Only the most promising of these applicants would be chosen as the great alchemist's apprentice.

27 Experiments
5 Player Research Cards
120 Playing Cards
1 Pewter Mortar & Pestal Marker
1 Rulebook