Thunderbirds - Gordon Tracy 12" 1:6 Scale Action Figure

by Big Chief Studios

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Thunderbirds - Gordon Tracy 12" 1:6 Scale Action Figure

ETA: 31 August 2020

Gordon Tracy 1:6 Scale Collector Figure Born on 14 February 2043, Gordon Tracy is a twenty-two year-old who revels in all aquatic sports, from skin-diving to water-skiing. Named after astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper, he is a highly trained aquanaut, with stints in the Submarine Service and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol under his belt. During his time with the WASPs, Gordon commanded a deep-sea bathyscaphe and spent a year beneath the ocean investigating marine farming methods. An expert oceanographer, he is also the designer of a unique underwater breathing apparatus, which he has modified and improved for International Rescue. Shortly before International Rescue began operating, Gordon was involved in a hydrofoil speedboat crash when his vessel capsized at 400 knots. The craft was completely shattered and Gordon spent four months in a hospital bed. Now, as the pilot of Thunderbird 4, he commands the world's most advanced and versatile one-man submarine. Good-natured and high spirited, he possesses a strength and tenacity that make him a respected leader and commander. He is also one of the world's fastest freestyle swimmers and is a past Olympic champion at the butterfly stroke. BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the Gordon Tracy Character Replica Figure. Featuring the most faithfully re-produced character likeness, an authentically styled costume and accessories, plus a special illuminating International Rescue display base. Produced in a worldwide numbered limited edition, fans of this classic series can relive the heroic adventures of International Rescue's finest. Specification o Fully Realised Likeness of Gordon Tracy with Optix Action Eyes o Anatomix Male Body with over 30 Points of Articulation Authentically Styled and Tailored Costume Including: o 1 x International Rescue Jersey o 1 x International Rescue Trousers o 1 x International Rescue Sash, Belt and Holster o 1 x Pair of International Rescue Boots with Realistic Faux Leather o 1 x International Rescue Cap o 1 x Pair of Hands with Poseable and Bendable Fingers Accessories o 1 x International Rescue Pistol o 1 x Stun Gas Ammunition Cannister o 1 x Needle Darts Ammunition Cannister o Special International Rescue Display Base with Illuminating Feature

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