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Tiny Epic Vikings Ragnarok Expansion

Tiny Epic Vikings Ragnarok Expansion

Gamelyn Games

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Tiny Epic Vikings Ragnarok Expansion


Battle giants to earn even more glory! 

1-4 Players  |  45-60 Mins  |  Ages 14+

Features: Area Majority / Influence, Closed Drafting, Hand Management, King of the Hill, Open Drafting, Set Collection

Theme: Expansion for Base-game, Mythology

In Tiny Epic Vikings: Ragnarok, you will have to sharpen your axes and your skill as you explore new islands and experience firsthand the battle of the Giants (Jötunn) vs. the Gods and the cunning of the Valkyries. The Ragnarok expansion introduces Giants that will control the islands and weaken the god's fury. It also introduces Valkyries and Giant Slayers that will join forces with your Vikings to combat the Giants! Also included are 6 new gods to further expand the strategies and variability of Tiny Epic Vikings!

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