Totems of the Dead Game Masters Guide

by Ozzie Collectables

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Hail wise one. Are you ready to master a vibrant new world of swords and sorcery drawn from a tapestry of ancient legend and feverish nightmare?
That power is now yours.
The Untamed Lands are your canvas for painting unlimited tales of high adventure, glory and woe. Spin wicked webs to ensnare unsuspecting characters in battle lust, poison and plot. Craft challenges to exalt great heroes or crush them before you to the lamentation of the players. You have all the tools you will need right here at your fingertips. With this tome you will discover what epic tales you may temper in the fires of imagination.
The Totems of the Dead GM's Guide Includes:
  • A GM's Introduction to the setting.
  • Numerous campaign models detailing many possible roads to adventure in the Untamed Lands.
  • A sword and sorcery themed adventure generator.
  • Regional encounter tables.
  • Savage Tales of adventure set in each of the major regions of the Untamed Lands.
  • Countless hordes of beasts, native spirits and nameless horrors.
  • NPCs from loyal sidekicks to vile sorcerers.
  • Traps, poisons and other dangers.
  • Meant for use with the Savage Worlds roleplaying game and the Totems of the Dead Player's Guide.

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