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Transformers Legacy: A Hero is Born 2 Pack

Transformers Legacy: A Hero is Born 2 Pack


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Re-discover the origins of Optimus Prime! From the iconic animated series, The Transformers, this multipack is inspired by the scene where Orion Pax is brought to Alpha Trion and is reborn as Optimus Prime. A near-deadly blast from Megatron leaves Orion Pax in desperate need of repairs. Alpha Trion senses a strong spirit in Orion Pax and rebuilds him into one of the greatest heroes in Cybertronian history: Optimus Prime.

This pack features Voyager Class Alpha Trion and Deluxe Class Orion Pax figures with Vector Sigma and Sigma Key accessories to remake the iconic scene. Also comes with 2 blasters and Energon canteen accessories. Alpha Trion figure converts from robot to Cybertronian hovercraft mode in 21 steps. Orion Pax figure converts from robot to Cybertronian truck mode in 22 steps. Pose out the figures in the scene with package art inspired by the repair center that Alpha Trion works in to rebuild Autobots.

Brand: Hasbro

Release Date: 1 Nov 2022

Product Type: Collectibles

Sub Category: Action Figures

Series: Transformers

Expansion: No

Exclusive: No

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