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Treasure Hogs

Treasure Hogs

Ozzie Collectables


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Treasure Hogs is a competitive card game where players take on the role of a Hog-Archeologist, using Resource and Strategy Cards to match and win Treasure Cards.

But beware, Thieves are devising a plan to steal your Treasure! You must be of cunning wit to both successfully win Treasure while defending it from looting Thieves.

Dare to enter this humorous pig and hog themed world where you must avoid the Curse of the Ancient Hog, out-smart Thieves in Hog-Tie-Challenges and use your piggy intuition to strategize against your competing Hog-Archeologists to win the most valuable Treasure.

Treasure Hogs keeps you anticipating your opponents every move and “Oinking!” to become the Ultimate Treasure Hog. Will you become the Ultimate Treasure Hog?

Game Components

146 Cards:
10 Archeologist Cards
10 Feast Cards
80 Resource Cards
6 Curse Cards
29 Treasure Cards

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