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TRICKY! Fantasy Feud

TRICKY! Fantasy Feud

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Order has collapsed in the realm! You are a warlord aiming to exploit this chaotic time. Draw upon powerful and unique champions to seize this moment and collect great riches! Only the strongest and most cunning warlords will thrive in TRICKY! Fantasy Feud. 
TRICKY! Fantasy Feud is a chaotic, unpredictable trick-taking game that asks you to predict it anyway. The game emphasizes surprises, tricks, and "got ya" moments to create an exciting, engaging experience each time it's played. 
Each player plays cards to win tricks against the others over multiple rounds. Players score points by winning tricks (or turns), correctly betting how many tricks they will win per round, and successfully executing certain abilities. The game lasts at least enough rounds for each player to be dealer. 
The game is composed of 46 game cards. These cards are divided into three suits: HUMAN, DWARF, and DARK ELF, plus one card, Laszlo the Sly, which has its own unique suit. Each of the three main suits are made up of fifteen different cards, each card having a distinct value, indicated by both the number in the top left and bottom right corners of the card. A card’s value is akin to its strength or power. If two cards share the same suit, the card with a higher value will beat the card with a lower value, thus winning the trick (or turn). 
Each card is based on a fantasy archetype and features striking character artwork and a unique effect, tailored to fit the theme of the character. Many of these effects can dramatically upend and alter the course of game play. You never know what someone might have up their sleeve in TRICKY! Fantasy Feud!
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