Trust me I'm a Doctor Surgeons at Sea Expansion

by Half Monster Games

$18.00 USD
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Trust me I'm a Doctor Surgeons at Sea Expansion

Set sail and learn even more medical things you wish you never knew in this swashbuckling expansion pack! Adds 33 new Cures and 20 new Ailments to your Trust Me I'm a Doctor card game

Based on research into real medical cures and ailments aboard galleons and man o' wars in the age of sail, you'll be treating scurvy and maggot-eye with hot tar and bonesaws in no time!

Exciting Addition to the Trust Me I'm a Doctor Series With over 10,000 copies sold since 2020, Trust Me I'm a Doctor has been a strong product all around Australia and the world. This expansion pack adds an irresitable product to the line, for casual players, collectors and social gamers alike.

Golden Age of Sail/Pirate Medicine Theme

Enthusiasts of all kinds will love the theme and concept, whether they're historical age of sail aficionados, fans of pirate movies and tv shows, or lovers of weird historical facts, Surgeons at Sea adds something for everyone to the Trust Me I'm a Doctor game.

Affordable and Compact

The single deck format allows customers to easily justify adding one (or two, or three!) expansions when checking out. This expansion can also be used with Trust Me I'm a Superhero!