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Turbo Dork Expansion Tray Five - Half Full

Turbo Dork Expansion Tray Five - Half Full

Turbo Dork

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It’s new color time with Turbo Dork! The expansion comes with 10 new paints as an expansion tray in Full (×6 each paint) or Half Full (3× each paint) versions. You can also pick up the new paint rack label strip on its own.

Note: This purchase is for the Half Full (3× each paint, TDK0503) version

Paints included:

• TDK4536:  Metallic Acrylic Paint: Appleseed, 20ml 
• TDK4543:  Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Cold Open, 20ml
• TDK4550:  Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Cyberia, 20ml
• TDK4567:  Metallic Acrylic Paint: Dork, 20ml
• TDK4574:  Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Fae Wylds, 20ml
• TDK4598:  Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Galaxia, 20ml
• TDK4604:  Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Hemogoblin, 20ml
• TDK4611:    Metallic Acrylic Paint: Hotline, 20ml
• TDK4642:  Turboshift Acrylic Paint: Romeo/Juliet, 20ml
• TDK4666:   Metallic Acrylic Paint: Turbo, 20ml
• TDK4581:    Metallic Acrylic Paint: Orange You Glad, 20ml (Replaces Hot Commodity)
• TDK4659:   Metallic Acrylic Paint: Summoning Sickness, 20ml (Replaces Sea Food)



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