Ultimate Guard Manga Covers Large Size (25)

by Ozzie Collectables

$7.00 USD
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High quality resealable clear polypropylene covers for the protection of most Mangas and Graphic Novels up to 133 x 188 mm. 25 covers per pack. Extra high clearness The extra high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image quality with unaltered contrast and colours. Self-adhesive closure Keeps the cover of your Mangas safe during reading and can be easily removed before storage. Acid free, no PVC This product is completely free of acidic materials and therefore ideal for protecting mangas. Collector's grade Great for archiving your precious manga collections. Archival safe Keeps your mangas safe and preserves the value of your collection during permanent storage. Ideal fitting and size Optimal fitted cover for a safe handling and a great readability of your mangas