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Ultimate Supervillain

Ultimate Supervillain

Haggards Table

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Ultimate Supervillain

As an elite member of the League of Evil you are attending the usual meeting over how next to take over the world. Using diabolical Plans and dastardly Tactics, you and your fellow league members will argue over which of you vile villains has presented the next best plan for world domination! This is a game of bad people doing bad things in a bad world. The only question is, how low are you willing to go?

Ultimate Supervillain consists of 50 unique plans, 99 tactics and 1 rule card for a total of 150 cards. Each round, a plan is revealed from the deck and each player is dealt 4 tactics cards. Each player then selects what they believe to be the best 2 of their tactics cards in order to create the perfect way to execute the revealed plan. Players must weave these tactics into elaborate ideas, that are only

Each player will then argue their case for why they are – obviously – the best option; and when all players have made their argument the table will vote for the winner. First player to win 3 plans wins, and the meeting is adjourned.

Ultimate Supervillain is the base collection within the Ultimate League of Evil branding; with expansions planned for future release.

Age: 15+

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