ULTRA PRO Pokémon - 2" Album - Gallery Series- Haunted Hollow

by Ultra Pro

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Pokémon – 2″ Album – Gallery Series- Haunted Hollow


Ultra PRO’s 2” Album for Pokémon features a vibrant, full-art cover. Equipped with 2-inch thick D-rings, this 3-ring album is perfect for large collections of pages or organizing school work. Made in California, U.S.A. (pages sold separately)

• Officially licensed Pokémon Trading Card Game 2” Album, featuring Gengar, Chandelure, Misdreavus, Sableye, and Mimikyu
• Features 2 inch D-rings
• For use with 3-ring punched pages (pages sold separately)
• Perfect for large collections or organizing school work
• Made in California, U.S.A.


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