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Vanguard Goblin Warband Set (2020)

Vanguard Goblin Warband Set (2020)


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Vanguard Goblin Warband Set (2020)

Small, unpleasant and spiteful, Goblins are utterly separate from their green skin cousins, the Orcs. Goblins are not only smaller and less imposing but also far cleverer and more dexterous. They might not beat you in a straight fight, but to underestimate even a small force of Goblins would be a grave mistake. Contains: 10x BRAND NEW Hard Plastic Goblins 2x Hard Plastic Mawbeasts 1x Resin Stinggit 1x Resin Sneak, Bases Vanguard Cards Please Note: One Goblin Warband Set supplied. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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