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WarLock Tiles: City Sewers Core Set

WarLock Tiles: City Sewers Core Set



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Delve below the city streets to brave the stained, sweated tunnels of what lies beneath. Carefully navigate narrow wooden walkways that keep your feet just above the channels of churning filth and muck. What dangers lie around the next bend or lurk beneath the retch-ridden river? Find out with the new WarLock Tiles: City Sewers Core Set!

This WarLock set includes new double-sided sewer channel tiles and walkway tiles. Channel tiles depict murky sewer water on one side and stone tiles on the other and can be stacked to create a rising tide effect. Walkway tiles serve as narrow passages to avoid the murky sludge and have worn wooden slats on one side and stone tiles on the other. Additionally, this set has full-height grime-stained sewer walls that are curved inward to invoke the feel of an underground tunnel.   

Take immersion to the next level with brand-new peg hole components, such as torches, spouts, and levers, that can be plugged into the sewer walls to decorate your build. Each detail breathes life into your build and offers fun elements for your players to investigate and interact with.  

This Set Includes:

  • 2" Sewer Channel x24
  • 2" Sewer Exterior Door Frame x2
  • 2" Sewer Exterior Door x2
  • 2" Sewer Edgecap x12
  • 2" Sewer Walkway Exterior Curved Edgecap x8
  • 1" x 1" Sewer Walkway x4
  • 1" x 2" Sewer Walkway x4
  • 1" x 4" Sewer Walkway x4
  • 1" x 2" Sewer Walkway Round Corner x4
  •  2" x 2" Sewer Channel Curved Corner x8
  • 1" Sewer Walkway Stone Edgecap x10
  • 1" Sewer Walkway Interior Curved Edgecap x6
  • 2" Sewer Full Height Straight Wall x12
  • 2" Sewer Full Height Curved Wall x4
  • 2" Sewer Full Height Interior Corner Wall x4
  • Sewer Full Height Corner Pillar x8
  • 2" Sewer Full Height Wall with Ladder x4 
  • Torch x8
  • Stone Spout x2
  • Damaged Stone Spout x1
  • Wall Lever x2
  • City Plaque x2
  • 1" Drain Edgecap x4
  • 2" Drain Edgecap x4
  • Wooden Barricade x4
  • Warlock EZ Clip (120)
  • Warlock Wall Connector (30)
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