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Where's My Ride?

Where's My Ride?

Slugfest Games


Barcode: 9781945323492

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Your rideshare is parked somewhere nearby, but the app is malfunctioning! Text messages are going crazy, and the driver can respond only with emojis. You're left asking yourself one simple question: Where's my ride?

In Where's My Ride?, a co-operative game of deduction and miscommunication for 2-7 players, you and your friends are divided into a party of riders and a single driver who are trying to meet up for a rideshare. There's a big problem, though! The app is bugging out big time; it's not sharing rider or driver locations, and the messaging features have gone haywire. Riders will use a deck of quirky, autofilled text messages to ask the driver where they are parked. Unfortunately, the driver can react to the messages only with emojis! Will you find your driver before the app cancels the ride and gives everyone a dreaded 1-out-of-5 star rating!?!

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