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World of Tanks Miniatures Game U.S.A. Tank Platoon 3

World of Tanks Miniatures Game U.S.A. Tank Platoon 3

World of Tanks


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M4A1 Sherman (76mm) (Medium Tank)
The M4 Sherman tank was extensively used throughout World War II and as the war progressed was upgraded with the effective 76mm gun, capable of knocking out the increasingly heavily armored enemy tanks. With a reliable set of base stats, the Sherman is ready for any job on the battlefield.

M7 Priest (SPG)
Initially deployed in the deserts of North Africa, M7 Priests continued to see action through to the Korean War where the flexibility of self-propelled guns was an asset. Best when deployed out of the enemy’s sight, SPGs can rain shells down on enemy targets with impunity assuming there is a friendly tank to spot for them.

M18 Hellcat (Tank Destroyer)
The Hellcat was the most effective U.S. tank destroyer of World War II with a higher kill-to-loss ratio than any other tank or tank destroyer. Combining good Firepower with excellent Mobility and Initiative, it is the perfect choice for aggressive Platoon Commanders that like to hunt down their enemies.

- 3 painted plastic tanks
- 3 tanks cards
- 15 upgrade cards

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