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World of Tanks Miniatures Game U.S.S.R. Tank Platoon 3

World of Tanks Miniatures Game U.S.S.R. Tank Platoon 3

World of Tanks


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T-34-85 (Medium Tank)
An upgraded version of the revolutionary T-34 tank, this version featured an 85mm gun. A great all-round tank, the T-34-85 is ideal for brawling with enemies where its Mobility, Initiative, and Firepower can allow it to triumph over much larger enemies.

SU-76M (Tank Destroyer)
The SU-76M paired a T-70 tank with the widely used 76mm ZiS-3 gun, making for a simple and effective support vehicle. The SU-76M is a capable Tank Destroyer, most effective when used in conjunction with other tanks. The SU-76M also comes with the option to upgrade to the SU-122A Self-propelled Gun.

SU-85 (Tank Destroyer)
Built on the chassis of a T-34, the SU- 85 retains the mobility of its famous predecessor whilst mounting a much more powerful gun. High Firepower and Mobility gives Platoon Commanders the option of watching the SU-85 slug it out from cover, or quickly reposition to a better position.

- 3 painted plastic tanks
- 3 tanks cards
- 15 upgrade cards

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