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X-Men (comics) - Nano Metalfigs 20 pack

X-Men (comics) - Nano Metalfigs 20 pack

Jada Toys

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X-Men (comics) - Nano Metalfigs 20 pack

Nano Metalfigs Marvel X-Men 1.65" Figure 20PK (20-Pack-Wave 1) 99464-Scralet Witch Figure (MV62) 99633-Colossus Figure (MV68) 99634-Storm Figure (MV69) 99635-Wolverine Figure (MV70) 99636-Jean Grey Figure (MV71) 99637-Rogue Figure (MV72) 99638-Emma Frost Figure (MV73) 99639-Magneto Figure (MV74) 99640-Psylocke Figure (MV75) 99641-Cyclops Figure (MV76) 99642-Beast Figure (MV77) 99643-Iceman Figure (MV78) 99891-Kitty Pryde Figure (MV84) 99892-Mystique Figure (MV85) 99893-Sabretooth Figure (MV86) 99898-Phoenix Figure (MV87) 99895-Professor X Figure (MV88) 99899-Havok Figure (MV89) 99900-X-23 Figure (MV90) 99894-Jubilee Figure (MV91)

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