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Your Best Game Ever

Your Best Game Ever

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You’ve got the rules down pat. Your setting is awesome. Your adventure is all ready to go. But how do you turn all of that into a fantastic game session your group will remember and talk about for years to come? How do you build a group that really clicks, create beloved and memorable characters, and build stories that become the stuff of legend? In Your Best Game Ever, acclaimed RPG designer Monte Cook, along with over a dozen seasoned contributors, gives you an insider’s look at everything that isn’t part of the game rules—building chemistry in your gaming group, making a character you will remember forever, running engaging and exciting games your players will always look forward to, creating thrilling adventures, finding all the right ideas, hosting memorable game nights… and that’s just for starters. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, a GM or player—and whatever your game system of choice—you can make every game Your Best Game Ever! ♦ Massively popular live-stream RPGs like Critical Role, Callisto 6, and others are driving intense interest in how to make home RPG dampaigns ever more exciting, epic, and fun! ♦ “How to improve your RPG game” YouTubers like Matt Colville(275,000 subscribers) and Web DM (150,000 subscribers) demonstrate massive demand for game tips. ♦ System-neutral book appeals to players of all RPGs, big and small. ♦ Matt Mercer, Matt Colville, John Kovalic, and other contributors have a combined social media reach of several hundred thousand.
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