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Zombicide 2nd Edition The Boys Pack #1 The Seven

Zombicide 2nd Edition The Boys Pack #1 The Seven

Zombicide 2nd Edition


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The Boys and The Seven Are Ready to Make Some Zombie Heads Explode

Vought International’s super hero team, The Seven, may be seen as celebrities by much of the world, but the members of The Boys know the dark underside of the super hero life. This vigilante group has made it their goal to put a stop to Vought’s plans and they’re willing to go through The Seven to get there.

And then the zombie apocalypse happened. The Boys and The Seven now have to set aside their differences to fight the zombie threat!

THE BOYS Character Packs brings characters from the iconic THE BOYS series to player’s tabletops, adding them to Zombicide 2nd Edition as Survivors!

Pack #1 includes: Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, Starlight, A-Train, and Soldier Boy Survivors, plus 7 ID Cards, 7 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, and Rules Leaflet.

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