Zombicide Box of Zombies 3 Angry Zombies

by Zombicide

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Zombicide: Box of Zombies Set #3 – Angry Zombies includes 24 berserker zombies and 6 additional spawn cards to include them into any Zombicide base game.

Sculpts of the zombies are from the Zombicide Season Two: Prison Outbreak, although three exclusive sculpts are included.

Zombie sculpt breakdown

  • 15 Berserker Walkers (5 of a mix of 2 Box of Zombies only sculpts)
  • 6 Berserker Runners
  • 3 Berserker Fatties (2 of the Box of Zombies only sculpt)
  • Spawn cards (139-144) come with a higher density of Berserker zombies than Prison Outbreak's deck.

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