27 Cosplays We Wish We'd Thought of First

27 Cosplays We Wish We'd Thought of First

Since the Virus That Shall Not Be Named basically wiped out the Comic Con scene in 2020, I know I'm not alone in saying I miss cosplay like crazy. Now that we're well into 2021, though, and things are looking up, it won't be long before we're all donning our best character costumes and gathering in convention halls again, rushing to get a picture with Batman and spending hours just on DIY props alone. To get us all back into the spirit of things, check out our list of 27 unique cosplays we think are god-tier geeky genius!

27. This Black Panther who opted for a punny look

26. This Bob Ross and their strangely humanoid masterpiece

25. This tiny Miguel from Coco

24. These Tim Burton fans who took 'couple's cosplay' to the next level

23. Mugatu from Zoolander

22. This Merida-Hawkeye crossover

21. Darth Trump

20. This Night King who didn't have time to stop by the day-care first

19. This mini-me Stan Lee

18. This guy, who decided to be a whole Disneyland map

17. Jon Snow White

16. This Iron Man cosplayer who got a bit too literal

15. This Mad Max fan who got creative with a motorized chair

14. This epic Mystique transformation

13. Beauty and the Beast if they were from a galaxy far, far away

12. This spidey, mourning the loss of a beloved uncle...

11. This Lucio who seriously upped the Overwatch cosplay game

10. This Hulkbuster that definitely wasn't made overnight

9. Tiny Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet

8. Even intergalactic villains need to walk their pets (even if that pet is an AT-AT)

7. Cabbage Man

6. Darth Predator

5. The boulder from Indiana Jones

4. Ronald McThor, guardian of Asgard and cheeseburgers

3. This Miles, who got every detail right

2. This Goku, who proves you don't need a big budget to be a cosplay king

1. And finally... these two Mary Poppins


What did you think of our list? Do you have much experience with cosplaying? Tell us in the comments your first, best, or craziest cosplay story.

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