Collection: Events / Tournaments

Ozzie Collectables, your local official tournament store located in Eumemmerring, Melbourne, is proud to host exciting tournaments featuring some of the most popular TCG games in the world. Get ready to test your skills and compete against fellow players in thrilling matches of Digimon, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Pokemon, Vanguard, Battle Spirits Saga, Flesh & Blood, Weiss Schwarz, Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Board Games, Chess, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more! Our TCG tournaments are designed to provide a fun and challenging environment for players of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of TCGs, there's a tournament for you at Ozzie Collectables. Our expert judges and friendly staff are always on hand to help answer any questions and ensure a fair and enjoyable tournament experience.

☆Events run every week with the exception of public holidays or during showroom closure on Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons, Thursday and Friday nights
☆Flat entry fees per player (subject to change for special events; check the official events page on our Facebook for more information)
☆Store credit & a variety of prizes up for grabs, including OTS items, pre-release kits, & win-a-box*
☆No existing Konami/Bandai/etc accounts required, new players welcome!

      *(when applicable to event; subject to availability, minimum player count and ts & cs.)

      All ages are welcome - if you don’t know how to play, we will teach you! We are looking forward to getting to know the community and creating a fun, safe and rewarding space for your local events. RSVPs not required but highly preferred to avoid missing out on a spot. Please RSVP to our Facebook events on the relevant event date(s) to secure your place. Facilities are free to use and our game room features entertainment, refreshments, and free-play arcade machine!

      In addition to our TCG tournaments, Ozzie Collectables is also excited to offer Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons game days and learn to play sessions at our showroom. Whether you're a veteran adventurer or a curious newcomer, our D&D and MTG events are the perfect way to experience the thrill of tabletop RPGs. Our expert Dungeon Masters and judges are passionate about creating immersive and engaging experiences for players of all levels. Learn to create characters, explore fantastic worlds, and battle fearsome monsters in a welcoming and inclusive environment. And if you're already an experienced player, you'll find plenty of opportunities to put your skills to the test and challenge yourself in new and exciting ways. So, gather your party and embark on an epic adventure at Ozzie Collectables. With our D&D and MTG game days, learn to play sessions and OTS TCG tourneys, you'll discover the magic and excitement of tabletop RPGs and trading card games like never before.

      See driving directions and PTV information here.

      For the best chance of securing your spot, especially for special or pre-release events, we recommend registering via the relevant app and paying your registreation fee ahead of time by selecting the relevant event on the page above. To see our latest events schedule, check back with our Facebook Events, or check the dates listed above.

      Thank you for choosing us as your local tournament store. We hope to see you there!