Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

30 Day Return Policy (Product Guarantee):

Ozzie Collectables is dedicated to taking the utmost care in ensuring that your product is meticulously selected from the shelf to ensure quality, then diligently packed so that it can be delivered in a safe and timely manner to your address. We fully understand the importance of all collectable items, and as such are as assiduous as possible in ensuring that all of our products remain as high quality as possible, from our warehouse to your home.

However, it is understandable that your product may have been damaged in the course of transit or that there is some form of manufacturing defect which otherwise hinges its quality or makes the product unfit for its intended purpose. If this happens to be the case with your delivered product, please contact Ozzie Collectables immediately via our Help Centre. We offer a 24/7 service and our support team will do everything within their power to get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.

Customers should be aware that all returns and exchanges offered must be received by Ozzie Collectables within 30 days of receiving your product at your delivery address. A support representative will contact you within 1-2 business days after receiving your enquiry.

Upon receiving notification of damage or of a manufacturing defect, the Ozzie Collectables support team will require a customer name, order number, and photographic evidence of the parcel or item in question with a clear view of the identified issue. We will review the photograph(s) and contact you at our earliest convenience to discuss further options in relation to the product issue.

Please note that customers are not guaranteed a refund or replacement unless the damage was found to have occurred pre-transit. Ozzie Collectables reserves the right to provide back-up images of your products prior to shipping if they were found to have been shipped out in a different condition to the one they arrived in. If your damage has occurred as a result of Australia Post's handling, we recommend getting in touch with the postal service to discuss compensation. If you are unsure, please feel free to message our friendly support staff for more information on the nature of compensation your order may be entitled to.

Due to the highly collectable nature of certain trading card products and the high volume of scams in the TCG community, Ozzie Collectables currently reserve the right to refuse returns for any TCG product, including but not limited to booster packs, boxes and bundles.

Defective Products:

Ozzie Collectables will only issue refunds or exchange products if the item is determined to be defective and if the defective item is returned to us in identical condition as it was received by the customer.

Factory defects such as minor box variations, scuff marks, creases, and paint smudges are not covered by our return policy. This includes final products which may have slight variations in appearance from Funko's official product images, paint finishes on chrome/metallic items, variations in factory paint jobs, box stickers, etc. This policy is not limited to Funko items, as minor factory defects can unfortunately be quite common and as such are not necessarily covered unless the product is deemed unfit for its original purpose or significantly damaged. Ozzie Collectables reserves the right to judge such defects in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

In the event that the product is indeed found to be defective and valid for a return and refund, Ozzie Collectables may cover the shipping cost of the aforementioned product from the customer’s delivery address to our storefront in Melbourne, Victoria. There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Ozzie Collectables may email a return shipping label to the customer which they can then use at their local Australia Post Office to return it to our storefront, or
  • Ozzie Collectables may refund the postage upon receiving the defective product at our storefront.

However, customers must be aware that Ozzie Collectables reserves the right not to reimburse postage costs unless it is clearly approved that the product is to be returned to our storefront under these constraints and the discretion of our team. Therefore, it is explicitly important that if you have received a damaged product that you contact us within the 30 day period of receiving the product. Ozzie Collectables may reimburse postage costs at our own discretion depending on legitimacy of damage or defects and as long as the customer reaches out within this 30 day period.

In the case of items being returned due to a change of mind, all return postage costs will need to be covered by the customer, and the item cost, not including the original shipping fee, will be refunded back to the original method of payment upon return less the standard 10% cancellation fee. 


All refunds are handled at the discretion of Ozzie Collectables and will incur a standard 10% restocking or cancellation fee. Unless the product is deemed defective or is explicitly different from the advertised product, customers may not be entitled to a refund or exchange of any kind. This fee also applies to a cancellation of any pre-order items or items not yet received by the customer.

Please note that some sales placed during particular events such as Black Friday may be considered final and may therefore not be entitled to a cancellation or refund. Ozzie Collectables requests that customers carefully read the Black Friday/Cyber Monday FAQ here on our website. 

In the event that a refund is issued, the customer will receive their money back in the same manner and currency in which the product was purchased, e.g. Credit Card, PayPal, Afterpay account,. In the event that the order has aged past a time frame where this is possible, please be advised that customers may be subject to refund via gift card. Please note that orders which have utilised a discount code are only entitled to a refund of the amount spent after the discount code was applied. This applies to refunds of individual items if a discount code has been applied to the whole order. The 10% cancellation fee is still applicable on refunded orders which were already discounted. Please allow up to a few business days for your refund to be processed by Ozzie Collectables.

Edited orders will not qualify for a refund back onto the original method of payment due to system constraints, and as such will be refunded via a gift card.

Please note if you have opened a chargeback or Paypal dispute, we may not be able to process your refund in our system until this is closed or resolved. We are here to help, and strongly suggest reaching out to our support team before opening any sort of dispute so we can try and resolve the problem amicably and efficiently for you. In order to proceed with your refund request, we may ask that you close the dispute first so we can proceed.

Please note that the disputing of legitimate purchases, including Paypal disputes and chargebacks, may result in the closure of your account and inability to shop with Ozzie Collectables again. We are a small business dedicated to solving all customer problems within reason, however we find that the impact of these disputes and their related fees, as well as the impact on our  business, is not worth the continued patronage of customers looking to policy-dodge and who are not willing to cooperate reasonably with our team, especially within the constraints of the agreed upon policies and staff/system capabilities. As such if you find you are not reaching an amicable solution with our support staff, you're welcome to request that the matter is escalated to management, and we will always do our best to work with you in a reasonable manner to find a solution, within reason.

If you purchased via Credit Card:

  • Refunds to a Credit Card will be made to the exact card which was used to purchase the product. The refund you are issued will be made in Australian Dollars (AUD) at the current exchange rate. Ozzie Collectables is not liable for any variation in amount refunded due to exchange rates.
  • It may take up to 30 days for the refund to show up on the card statement.
  • In the event of your card being expired or cancelled, the refund will need to be made through an alternative method and may be issued as a gift card. Please notify our staff upon requesting your refund if the Credit Card has expired or been cancelled. Ozzie Collectables cannot refund money to a different Credit Card.

If you purchased via PayPal:

  • The way in which a refund is credited is dependent on how the original payment was made.
  • If you paid via Bank Account (either a Check or Instant Transfer) or PayPal balance, the money will be refunded back to your PayPal balance.
  • If you paid via Credit Card, the money will be refunded back to your card. It may take up to 30 days for the refund to show up on the card statement.
  • Refunds are issued in Australian Dollars (AUD) at PayPal’s current currency exchange rate. Ozzie Collectables is not liable for any variation in amount refunded due to exchange rates, nor any transfer or processing fees charged by PayPal.

    Pre-Order Policy:

    A Pre-Order is a product which has not yet come into stock, but can instead be pre-purchased by customers to secure a purchase of your chosen product once it is released or has come into stock. Pre-Order items must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

    Pre-Order products will display an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) date in the product description. This estimated date is indicative of the expected delivery date of the product to our storefront. The date displayed is the most recent date which Ozzie Collectables has been given by the distributor and is, as such, handled at the discretion of our distributor. Ozzie Collectables is not liable for any changes to this date, as these changes are unfortunately beyond our control. Please note that the ETA may not update once passing the displayed date if it has been delayed by the distributor, and will continue to display the same date until a more up-to-date one is provided. Please note that customers may not be notified of any changes to these ETA dates, and will need to check back with the product description. Items which have passed the ETA may still be subject to the 10% cancellation fee if the customer wishes to cancel their order(s).

    Once in stock, items are subject to a 3-5 business day processing period before shipping out to your address. Please allow 3-5 business days from the time that a product shows the green add to cart/ in stock button before contacting Ozzie Collectables support staff if you do not receive your tracking info straight away. Please note that if an item is showing the orange 'pre-order' or add to cart button, it is still on pre-order regardless of the ETA date displayed in the description, as this date is the most recent estimate we have been provided with by the distributor. 

    If your order contains both pre-order and in stock items, it will ship out only once all items are in stock. Please bear in mind that all items with the orange 'pre-order' button and/or ETA date in the product description are pre-order items. 

    Pre-Order products are subject to ETA or release date changes and cancellation. Please be aware that in the instance a Pre-Order product is made unavailable either due to removal of the product, a stock miscount, or human error, you will be entitled to a full refund of the product as well as a sincere apology from Ozzie Collectables.

    In the event you should choose to cancel your Pre-Order a 10% cancellation fee of the RRP (Regular Retail Price) will be applied when you are refunded for your purchase. Pre-Order products which are delayed and are made subject to a change of ETA will be treated as standard cancellations and are also subject to this fee.

    In-Store Pick-Up Policy

    If the customer chooses to select ‘in-store pick-up’ as the preferred shipping method at checkout, they may collect their order directly from our storefront once they have received notification to do so. The customer will initially receive an order confirmation email after first placing their order, and then a follow-up email advising them to collect their order once it has arrived and been allocated to the order at our storefront. A 3-5 business day waiting period still applies before orders can be collected, excluding pre-order items, which must still abide by the ETA.

    Please note that if an in-store pick-up item has not been collected within seven (7) business days, and a member of our staff is not notified, your order may be cancelled and refunded less a 10% restocking fee. Please advise our support staff if you will be unable to collect your in-store pick-up order within this seven (7) business day period. A business day is typically considered to be Monday-Friday between the hours of 9-5, excluding public holidays.

    Orders which have chosen In-Store Pick-Up as their preferred shipping method, but have an interstate shipping/billing address will still be treated as In-Store Pick-Up orders. If you have accidentally selected In-Store Pick-Up but require your order to be shipped out to you, please notify a member of our support staff immediately, as you will need to pay a separate standard $8 shipping fee for any order under $100 which is not entitled to free shipping. We are unable to consolidate these orders with any existing orders. Each order is treated independantly. If staff are not contacted within seven (7) business days of your In-Store Pick-Up order being ready for collection, you may run the risk of having your order cancelled.

    Damaged Funko POP! Vinyl Policy:

    Funko Pop! Vinyls are a mass produced toy line created in various factories all over the world. Funko have their own Quality Control program to ensure that the product they are producing meet with their company standards. As a retailer, we do our utmost best to look over the products to ensure that they are the correct items and to discard any obviously defective items. We take pride in achieving this each and every day and are meticulous in ensuring that our customers receive their products in mint condition or as close as physically possible.

    As a mass produced toy line, however, there are minor variations in the manufacturing process that may occur for Funko Pop! Vinyl products. These can include but are not limited to slight creases or scuff marks on the packaging, factory paint variations, stickers included or not included on boxes, etc. These are all considered “minor variations” in mass produced product and as such are not considered damaged or defective items. We at Ozzie Collectables try our very hardest to ensure that our items are delivered to customers in mint condition and will never send customers a defective box. However if your item does become damaged in the course of transit please contact our support staff via support@ozziecollectables.com.au and we will do our best to compensate.

    Domestic Shipping Policy:

    Regular eParcel:

    All Australian shipping transactions are sent directly from our storefront in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Your order should be sent out to you within 3-5 business days after the order has been placed, excepting orders with Pre-Order items which must wait until the ETA or supplied release date in the product description. Please be aware that a business day is Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm and as such does not include weekends, public holidays, or periods outside of the aforementioned time frame. Please also note that this timeframe may be increased during peak periods such as Comic Cons, holidays, or due to delays inflicted by the Coronavirus pandemic. We sincerely appreciate your patience and kindness to our staff as rest assured we are doing everything within our ability to ship your products to you asap.

    If for some reason we are out of stock of a product included in your order, we will ship you the balance of the order and will put the out-of-stock item on back-order provided we are likely to receive a restock of the item, or will otherwise refund you in full for that item if unlikely to receive a restock. You will be notified of these issues should they arise via email by the Ozzie Collectables support team.

    We offer a flat AUD$8 shipping rate for shipping to any Australian address. This is the standard rate via Australia Post eParcel.

    All orders over $100 are entitled to one lot of free shipping. If a discount code is applied at checkout that takes your order beneath the total of $100, you will no longer be entitled to free shipping and may need to pay the standard $8 shipping fee. 

    If your product(s) is/are oversized, or your total order weighs more than 20kg, Ozzie Collectables may require a courier service to deliver your order to you. However, we will need to contact you directly to arrange for a person to be home at the time of delivery to the given address. The cost will be an amount more than the standard shipping rate and will be based solely on the size and/or weight of the order. This may vary order to order and each case will be handled individually at the discretion of Ozzie Collectables.

    For standard eParcel shipping, the expected delivery time of your order—after a processing period of 3-5 business days once the order has been placed—is as follows:

    • VIC: 1-2 business Days
    • NSW/ACT: 3-4 business Days
    • QLD: 4-6 business Days
    • NT/WA: up to 11 business Days
    • TAS: 3-4 business Days
    • SA: 3-4 business Days
    • International shipping: 10-25+ business Days

    The delivery of your order is trackable via Australia Post. Please allow for 24 hours once your order has been sent to receive tracking information before contacting support.

    Please note that although the Ozzie team endeavours to get the majority of in-stock orders shipped out or ready for collection after a processing period of 3-5 business days, peak periods such as Christmas, Black Friday, and convention periods may result in minor delaysRest assured the whole team are working as hard as we can to get these shipped off to you ASAP. We thank you for your patience and your understanding.

    Express Post:

    Ozzie Collectables does not currently offer express postage on any orders. All orders are shipped via standard Australia Post rates. The estimated arrival times of these orders is based on shipping address and can be found above.

    International Shipping:

    Ozzie Collectables currently offers international shipping. International shipping costs are based on weight and location and are unfortunately not negotiable. Please note that changes to shipping costs may apply during times of restriction such as COVID 19. Many of our international customers also choose to use a forwarding service and this is a perfectly viable option for customers looking to purchase from Ozzie Collectables to an international address. These forwarding services are not handled by Ozzie Collectables and must be dealt with privately by the customer. Please be advised that Ozzie Collectables has no control over any customs fees that may apply to your order, and are legally required to declare the total cost of your order on the invoice. We are not able to alter the displayed price in any way, nor do we have any control over customs fees that may apply for your country. We recommend getting in touch with your country's customs office to understand more about any fees that may apply.

    Occasionally, if our team notices two or more orders are ready to ship out on the same day, we will consolidate these packages. This is our standard policy and customers are not entitled to a refund of any shipping fee or customs fee should this occur. International shipping costs are based on weight and location, and cover shipping, handling, and processing of each order. We recommend carefully reviewing your order total before checking out, as customers are not entitled to a refund of this shipping fee once your order has left our warehouse. Failure to pay any customs fees required by your country may also result in your order being returned to us, and any subsequent cancellation requests are not entitled to a reimbursement of the original shipping fee, and are subject to the standard 10% cancellation fee outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

    The shipping time for international orders will vary based on location. Please feel free to get in touch with our team for an updated estimate or to answer any inquiries related to the shipping time frame of your international order.

    Packing Standards:

    At Ozzie Collectables, we take pride in our ability to pack and delivery mint quality collectable items to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. As collectors ourselves we understand the value in receiving both pristine box and collectable item no matter the type of product. This means that we pack our orders the way we as collectors ourselves would wish to receive them, taking the best and most painstaking care we can when packing yours!

    Change of Address

    You can change the default address on your Ozzie account by logging in and updating your details. If you'd like, we can update your shipping address for you before your order has reached the packing stage. Please note that we are not able to change the shipping address after an order has already left our warehouse, and customers will need to contact Australia Post immediately to attempt to redirect it. Please also note that updating the default address on your account will not affect existing orders; customers will need to contact us to change the shipping address for specific orders. Parcels which are returned to us due to an incorrect address are not entitled to a refund of the original shipping fee used to ship it out. In order to re-ship the returned parcel to a new or updated address, customers may need to pay a standard shipping fee again.

    Item Listings

    All items listed on our site are updated with the most recent information as provided by the distributor. Any changes to these items, such as ETA dates, box variations, or product pricing, may be applicable and are handled at the discretion of the distributor. The images provided for these product listings are not always final and, especially in the case of stickered items or colour variations, are applicable to changes. For example: if a product is listed as a common non-stickered variant but is pictured with an exclusive/stickered box, this image may not be final and is subject to change. Typically all stickered/exclusive items will say so in the product title/description, although an item is not guaranteed to arrive with a particular sticker unless explicitly stated as such. E.g. the item will read 'NYCC stickered'. Please note that an item's description which simply reads 'comic con exclusive', 'US exclusive', 'Hot Topic exclusive' etc is not specifically advertised as a stickered item and we therefore cannot guarantee that it will arrive stickered. Items which arrive with any particular sticker are not covered under our Terms and Conditions, as this is considered to be a variation. Additionally, we cannot always confirm an item's edition number if it is not explicitly advertised in the product title and desciption, e.g. listed as a first edition box/product. Similarly, the final design in terms of colour or pattern may also vary. Please note that product images are not final and variations may occur.

    Please heed all product descriptions on item listings via ETA dates, maximum quantity per customer, and stickered/exclusive boxes.

    Sales/ Discounts

    All discounted/ on-sale item purchases are to be considered final. Ozzie Collectables reserve the right to refuse cancellations and refunds for purchases made during a sale. There will be no holds, reserves, or putaways during a sale.

    The discounted price of an item during a sale does not reflect the product's price outside of the sale's duration. Purchases made outside of the time frame of a sale are not entitled to any refunds or reimbursements to match the discounted rate.

    Purchases made after a sale has ended are not entitled to the previous discounted rate and may not have their prices altered to match a previously ended sale's discount. If a customer has made a purchase outside of a sale, they are not entitled to any refunds or reimbursements based on the sale's discount.

    Lost Items:

    Please be aware that Australia Post will not allow an investigation to begin on missing items until a period of three weeks (15 business days) has occurred, commencing once the parcel has been handed over to the carrier partner in the destination country. If you feel you have not received your order and your tracking information is showing that it should have already reached you or greatly surpasses the estimated time frame of delivery (refer above), Ozzie Collectables requests that you contact a member of our support staff immediately via www.facebook.com/ozziecollectables or support@ozziecollectables.com.au.

    Support Staff

    Ozzie Collectables pride ourselves on our dedicated team of friendly support staff who are available to answer any inquiries you may have about orders, products, or policies. If you need to get in touch with a member of our support staff, we recommend contacting us via Facebook messenger or our support email, support@ozziecollectables.com.au.

    Whilst we strive to provide the fastest and most comprehensive support for your inquiry, accepting all customer inquiries 24/7, please note that you may not always be able to expect an instant response from our team. As such, we ask that you please exercise patience when awaiting a response from our support staff, as rest assured we are working to provide you with the best solutions and answers as quickly as possible. If you do not hear back from our support staff within a couple of days, please feel free to contact us again. If your inquiry is urgent, we urge you to call our storefront on (03) 8789 6906. If you do not receive an answer at our storefront, we recommend waiting ten minutes before trying again. Please note that the Ozzie team is only available to answer phone calls during business hours. 

    Please be advised that Ozzie Collectables does not tolerate any abusive language or behaviour towards our staff. If we receive repeated abusive language or harrassment your account may run the risk of being suspended. We sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding and kindness as we strive to bring you the best possible customer service.


    Ozzie Coins

    All loyalty points are handled at the discretion of Ozzie Collectables. Orders refunded which have used Ozzie Coins to deduct a discount will only be refunded less the amount they paid after the discount had been applied. Customers are entitled to a reimbursement of the points used to deduct a discount on a cancelled order if the order was not fulfilled and the money was refunded. All Ozzie Coins reimbursements are handled at the discretion of Ozzie Collectables.
    Customers will earn one (1) Ozzie Coin loyalty point for every AUD$1 spent with Ozzie Collectables. Customers are also entitled to points for performing a number of different tasks available through the Ozzie Coins loyalty navigator, such as leaving reviews, creating an account, or celebrating a birthday that is registered on their Ozzie Collectables account.

    Once a customer has chosen to redeem their Ozzie Coins for a discount code, this cannot be reversed. All loyalty discount codes generated are final.

    Ozzie Coins loyalty points, as well as the discount codes they generate, expire within 2 years. If the customer does not use their points or discount code(s) within this time, they are not entitled to a refund of the expired points or discount amount.



    Please note that any order placed through the Ozzie Collectables website is subject to these Terms and Conditions. All orders are finalised and processed under the assumption that the customer has read, understood, and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Ozzie Collectables reserves the right to refer to our Terms and Conditions whenever handling customer inquiries under the assumption that the policies outlined here represent an official agreement made between the buyer (customer) and seller (Ozzie Collectables.) For any questions or inquiries, please get in touch with Ozzie Collectables support prior to placing your order, as we will be happy to provide clarification wherever necessary.