How to Perfectly Pack a Collectable in 4 Easy Steps

How to Perfectly Pack a Collectable in 4 Easy Steps

Want to know how to safely, securely, and perfectly package your Pop! Vinyl or prized collectable item? You’ve come to the right place!

The collectable, pop culture world is a complicated one. Companies like Funko are constantly releasing new and exclusive items, and a lot of the time, it can be hard to get them where you want them. Whether you’re shipping off a gift to a friend, getting ready to move your prized grails from one house to another, shipping out an exclusive to another country, or just looking to swap and transport collectables, you always run the risk of damaging them in transit.

There’s nothing quite worse than opening up a box only to find out that the item inside has been creased, crushed, torn or otherwise tarnished during its journey. Today we’ll be showing you the best way to pack your collectables to keep them in mint condition no matter where they’re headed!

Included below are the four steps plus some handy images to help you out, straight from the Ozzie warehouse. Take a look at how we perfectly pack our collectables!

Step 1) Pick the right box.

Sometimes preventing damage can be as simple as selecting the right box to ship your collectable item out in. This includes ensuring that your box is not too big or too small, but sized so that it fits your collectable item with not too much room on either side. If the box is too spacious, your collectable item is more likely to be knocked around during transit, and may become damaged.

For this same reason, we recommend that you find a box with the right cardboard thickness. A little extra padding goes a long way.

Step 2) Cushion the inside of your box.

This is a big one, and can mean the difference between receiving a crushed box and a mint condition item. Old newspaper, scrunched up plastic wrap, foam, and tissue paper are among some items you can use to internally cushion your box. The key is to prevent as much movement as possible and create a barrier between the walls of your box and the collectable item inside. Use these padding materials to frame your item and keep it stationary as close to the centre of the box as you can manage, as well as preventing as much damage as possible in the case of the outer box being dropped or thrown.

TIP: Go the extra mile when transporting Funko items and place them inside of a Pop! Protector case before packing. 0.5mm cases work the best, but the regular 0.35mm cases can work just as well with the right style of packing, and you can grab them starting at only $2 here.

Step 3) Seal your box.

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s one that a lot of first timers seem to forget. Investing in a proper roll of packing tape that is strong enough to seal up the corners of your box can make a world of difference. We recommend using a tape gun to line the open edges of your box, folding over the corners to ensure that your collectable is packaged away with maximum security.

Step 4) Finishing touches.

Finally, it’s time to ship out, move, or transport your collectable item. If you won’t be handling it yourself, then we recommend even going the extra mile of including some Caution or Fragile tape to let the person handling it know that there are some delicate goods inside! This can be especially important for shipping items across long distances, as your box is likely to be handled by many people. This ensures that everyone gets the memo that your item needs to be handled carefully, preventing maximum damage.

Once your box is as secure as can be and ready to go, we recommend shipping only with the trusted major postal service in your area: one that can provide you with tracking info so that you can keep a close eye on your box in transit and be notified once it has arrived safely. Most postal services will notify you if any major damage occurs to the box whilst in transit, but as an added layer of security, we recommend taking some photographic evidence of the item, including internal and external boxes, before it ships out. This way, if any damage occurs on the trip, you can find out exactly where it took place.

The best part? All of these painstakingly perfect steps are included when you shop with Ozzie. Free Pop protectors, free signature, free tracking and minty fresh collectables. Try it out and place an order!

We hope these four easy steps are able to help you out in packing, shipping, or transporting your own collectable items. Let us know in the comments if we missed a step or if you have any other tips for aspiring collectors.

Until next time, happy collecting!

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