Ozzie’s Guide to the World of Pop Culture

Are you a collector of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures? Would you consider yourself a pop culture, internet, or meme mogul? Do you like to cosplay, write fanfiction, or draw fanart? Are you a big fan of Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, anime, or video games? You’ve definitely come to the right place.

Dictionary.com defines pop culture as ‘cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.’ When people talk about pop culture, they’re typically talking about culture aimed at the younger masses, but that just isn’t the case. Pop culture is meant to be enjoyed by everyone: fandoms from all walks of life!

There’s really no clear road to the world of pop culture. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads! Do you play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons? Consider yourself the reigning king of family board game nights? Are you a big fan of music legends? Do you own all of the Jurassic Park movies on DVD? Do you prefer Power Rangers, Masters of the Universe, Dragon Ball Z, Stranger Things, or Disney movies?

Just like Funko, we at Ozzie believe that EVERYONE is a fan of something. Be that superhero comics, Harry Potter, or nostalgic cartoon TV shows, there is a collector in each of our hearts. The beauty of pop culture is that there really is something for everyone. We as humans are all so different and unique, and yet are all intrinsically linked by our love of entertainment. Are you not entertained???

Everyone has an inner fan, and we believe that the most fun that can be had with popular culture is by sharing and celebrating it!

That’s why at Ozzie, we know that collecting is a lifestyle. That means striving for mint condition, Pop! Protectors, the latest info from the world of collecting on our blog, a crazy combination of Vaulted, exclusive, and Comic-Con releases, variety, and most of all, fun! Hakuna Matata. Kick back and enjoy the ride.

From your grandma’s love of Golden Girls to your dad’s secret stash of Batman action figures to your best friend’s impressive collection of Pokemon cards, Ozzie Collectables aims to provide you with only the best in collectables to spark that inner fan.

So whether you’re looking for that perfect pop culture gift idea, a Monday pick-me-up, or you’re just trying to expand your pre-existing collection, you’ve come to the right place. At Ozzie, we’re all collectors ourselves, and we believe in the magic of pop culture.

So what are you waiting for? Go and be a fan of something.

Happy collecting!