A Closer Look at the New Metallic Mermaid Deadpool Target Funko Box

A Closer Look at the New Metallic Mermaid Deadpool Target Funko Box

The new Deadpool box has arrived at Ozzie, and it's shinier than ever! Let's take a look at what Target had in store this time around.

The box comes packaged in a tropical, Summery print that is just perfect for us Aussies preparing to soak up some scorching sun in the coming months, and the buried treasure that awaits inside isn't too bad, either.

We love this metallic variant of the Mermaid Deadpool Pop! Vinyl - he's just so shiny! He's a perfect addition to any Deadpool or Marvel collection. Heck, I'd gladly put him with my Disney princess display.

The t-shirt is great, too, and we love the posing that feels like a call-back to the Little Mermaid. (I was totally right about the Disney princess thing!) There's currently only one size to choose from, but the best part is that it makes an awesome gift idea, too. With Christmas coming up, we'll take all the ideas we can get!

It's available here for $50 in limited quantity, so hurry while it's still available!

What did you think of this box? What are you hoping to see from Target's exclusive releases next? Leave us a comment!

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This looks like a really awesome pop box. I hope that I can grab one before they sell out!

Joann Freeman

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