Coming Soon: Harry Potter Gamestop Exclusive Mystery Box

Coming Soon: Harry Potter Gamestop Exclusive Mystery Box


Ok, so it's not actually a mystery. We totally know what's going to be in it, and it looks AWESOME!

The box features a tonne of goodies, including a Mystery Mini, an exclusive Five Star Vinyl, and a Pop! Pen Topper. It comes packaged in this adorable Hogwarts Express shaped box that you'll wanna open veeery carefully. This one’s gonna look awesome on the shelf.

By far its most enticing feature, each box also contains an exclusive Sirius Black Pop! Vinyl with a 1 in 2 chance of black-and-white Chase Variant! He’s shown here in his iconic Azkaban mugshot. Brb, buying 100.

The box is expected to drop soon, so be on the lookout!

What did you think of this box? What did you want to see more of? Leave us a comment!


When will this be released exact on? As I have been keeping an eye on both, this and Facebook for a month! Yet it hasn’t come out when others like Zing & EB Game already has.


Why is it in a mystery box? So stupid! I rather know what I’m buying.


OMG guys!
I check the site every hour!


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