ECCC 2021 Sneak Peak!

ECCC 2021 Sneak Peak!

If you're wondering which Funko Comic Con exclusives will be in this year's Emerald City Comic Con 2021 releases, you're not alone. Anticipation is building for the upcoming convention, and the hype is bigger than usual since a little under an hour ago, the official Funko Facebook page posted yet another sneak peak.

The caption reads, "What figure is this for our Spring Convention? Take a guess!"

It will be interesting to see what the company has in store for the first of this year's official Comic Con exclusives. After a year of disappointing cancellations on face-to-face socialising, including many beloved conventions, fans are eager for a pick-me-up. Hopefully this virtual event will have some great exclusives!

Take a look at some of the other sneak peaks Funko have shared so far.

So... any guesses? Drop us a comment!  

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