Fortnite Funko Advent Calendar on the Way

Fortnite Funko Advent Calendar on the Way

Another year, another excuse to feel like a kid again, with the magic of Christmas steadily approaching. Yes, Funko have just released a brand new advent calendar to accompany the three that are still available (two Harry Potter calendars and a Marvel calendar.) It looks like gamers are finally getting the chance to enjoy the fun of counting down to Santa Clause’s arrival on December 25th… and getting a collectable treat each day along the way!

The new calendar will feature a Funko Pocket Pop! Vinyl figure each day beginning on December 1st (or whenever you decide to open it) that will form a larger collection of Fortnite themed mini figures. The figures are bright, colourful, and perfect for gamers of any age in my opinion. 

Here’s what Funko had to say about unveiling the new product: “Do you prefer to drop into the battle with guns blazing or hide in the bushes and wait for your enemies to eliminate each other? Are you the first or last player off the Battle Bus? Whatever your battle strategy happens to be, there’s one thing players can agree on: Fortnite is awesome and this Fortnite-themed 24-piece advent calendar will bring holiday cheer to any household.”

I remember the excitement of being a kid and seeing mum or dad come home with a brand new chocolate advent calendar in the shopping bag-- Batman or Barbie or one of those cardboard Cadbury calendars with the vintage Santas on the front. Something about the extra sweet incentive to count down throughout the silly season made it all the more exciting. It’s great to see Funko staying on board with this idea and putting a pop culture twist on things. Now us adults (ahem, geeky adults) can have just as much fun!

Do you still use an advent calendar? What do you think of this one, and how does it hold up against previous releases? Leave us a comment!

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