From Genre to Genre: Your (Nerdy) Summer Reading List Sorted

Summer is upon us, collectors! If you're anything like me, then this no doubt means you're already carving out a decent portion of your free time to devote to some hardcore novel diving; what with the warm Australian sun, that sweet smell of bug spray to keep the mozzies away, and the distinct lack of anything decent coming out at the movies... I mean, what else is there to do?

Read on to see our official 2018 list of Summer reading recommendations!

(Psst. Novels aren't your thing? No worries! This list contains a variety meant to please nerds of all variety, and that includes the more visually inclined. Be on the lookout for our seriously cool comic recommendations, and drop us a comment if any of these sound like something you'd dig!)

The Venom comics

After the popularity of its recent movie adaptation, the hype for the Spiderverse's favourite anti-hero is teeming amongst genre buffs and Marvel fans alike. Much of the movie's praise comes from its true-to-the-comics camp and charm, as well as the fact that for the first time in MCU history (even though Venom isn't teeechnically part of the MCU) the symbiote looks like its silly, muscled up self.

Getting into comic books can be a tough and treacherous journey, especially when there are about a million adaptations and multi-verse anomalies to wade through. If you're a fan of 90s cheese nostalgia but still want a complex take of the rom-com ala Eddie Brock and his pet monster, we recommend starting with First Host.

[Img source: Modern Age Comics]

The Raven Cycle

In this brave new world of Netflix adaptations and movie deals, there's often no better feeling than getting in early and reading the real thing before it transfers to the big screen. Maggie Stiefvater revealed more than a year ago that her four book tale of dead kings, dream magic, teen romance and, uh... bees, was coming to the smaller screen in the way of a TV show adaptation. There really is no better time to get into this series than now, especially with another trilogy set in this universe on the way. If you're a fan of YA, pet birds, hit-men with tragic backstories, and strong, psychic women, this series is for you.

[Img source: Amazon]

Umbrella Academy

Another one getting a Netflix adaptation, fans have already gotten a taste of what's to come from Umbrella Academy, a dark super-hero story with a twist. The comics, penned by pop culture icon Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Ba, are an electric pop-punk ride for fans of classic DC villainy and the story telling style of X-Men. It's got extraterrestrial flair and political conspiracy plot points to boot, and it's definitely worth a read if you're more interested in lounging in a dark, air conditioned room than frying by the poolside.

Pick this one up for +100 Goth Points.

[Img source: Hollywood Reporter]


With the sequel to Andy Muschietti's 2017 film adaptation right around the corner for a 2019 release, if you haven't already read King's killer clown classic, you literally have to. It's got small town dread, childhood nostalgia, creative horror, and more than anything, a spiraling tale of pure terror that will keep you up at night. This one's kind of a long read, so we recommend taking a legnthy road trip with a trusted and licensed driver, or else taking a week off to buckle down in the shade and dive into this novel.

If you're already a fan, check out some cool merch here and get re-inspired! 

[Img source: Amazon]

All For The Game

If your flavour is more along the line of the niche, indie YA series that get a lot of hype on Twitter but don't often see the front shelf at Robinsons (even though they totally deserve to), then Nora Sakavic's sporty crime drama is for you. It's got fantasy sports, complex character drama, mafia wars, and plot twists that'll have you in tears. Plus, although tiny, it's got a fiercely loyal cult following, which means tonnes of fan made goodies to treat yourself with over the Summer when you're all done reading and are back on your collectables wagon. Yay!

[Img source: Teen Reading Rocks]

We Sold Our Souls

A punk rock horror take that is quickly becoming a modern classic, Grady Hendrix's novel tells a gruesome tale of a heavy metal band, Satan, and a rise to fame that comes with a price. Pair this one with a margarita and a pair of headphones and you're all set for escaping the heat of the Aussie sun only to transcend into an even more hellish (but metaphorical, phew!) sauna. Did we mention those goth points earlier?

[Img source: Amazon]

Alice Isn't Dead

You may be familiar with the podcast, which tells the story of Keisha and her search for her (presumed dead) missing wife, who somehow keeps popping up in the background of news stories of major disasters and tragic events. The podcast is a story full of chilling imagery for fans of thrillers and mysteries alike, and the Joseph Fink novel of the same name is no different: choose your fighter. Bring this one on the obligatory camping and road trips for escapism to the max.


[Img source: Harper Collins]

Do you think we missed anything? Tell us in the comments your top pick for this Summer's nerdy, pop-culture inclined reading list.

Happy summer, collectors!

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