Funko Pop! Vinyl of the Week: It (2017) Pennywise with Wrought Iron US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Funko Pop! Vinyl of the Week: It (2017) Pennywise with Wrought Iron US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Okay, so it’s no secret that I’m a gigantic horror fan… the release of Andy Muschietti’s 2017 reboot of Stephen King’s classic killer clown tale It sparked interest from fans of thrills and chills everywhere, and it’s no surprise. The film scored an impressive 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and features a cast of crazy talented kids as Derry’s losers club, with Bill Skarsgård playing the formidable Pennywise the dancing clown.

The film was a winner to boot with fans of the 1986 novel and movie buffs alike, and featured a tonne of homages to the originals including clever references to Tim Curry’s performance in the 1990 mini-series, many of King’s other cult-classic novels, and even Pennywise’s little-known intergalactic origins! It had what was a pretty decent mix of gore and suspense and managed to keep most viewers entertained for all of its 2 hours and 15 minutes of running time. A lot of this undoubtedly had to do with Skarsgård’s Pennywise.

He does the creepy clown thing down to a T. If you’re a real funatic, then you no doubt (just like I) spent most of the movie last year thinking to yourself, ooh, that’d make a good Pop! Vinyl. Ooh, and that—

There are just way too many options here, guys. It’s killing me.

Funko know their brand very well, and they seem to know their horror audience, too. The past year has seen great horror releases in abundance, including earlier this year’s series 2 release for the cast of It (2017) featuring not one but two chases! The second wave also featured three new designs for our favourite conceptual killer. Unfortunately, these sold out quite quickly, but fear not: re-releases can be found galore at the moment, and Pennywise is no stranger to the re-release.

My favourite, by far, has to be Pennywise with Wrought Iron.

It’s a FYE US exclusive firs released in late April this year and then re-released after selling out almost immediately, and it features Pennywise in his first major fight scene with the losers club, complete with werewolf claws, glowing yellow eyes, and that less-than-comfy looking wrought iron metal pole sticking through his head! The Pop! version does a great job of showcasing that dazed, manic look that Skarsgård nailed in the film. Even in his little four-inch stylised vinyl form, I still don’t want this thing anywhere near me while I sleep!

Another great thing about this one is the detail on his costume. I think that the colour looks more vibrant on this variant than it did on the earlier moulds for 2017 releases. No ruffle is left unsculpted, and no, er, spooky pompoms left bare. The way that his face has been distorted around the wrought iron is super creepy, too. Just like in the movie, we’re seeing a glimpse of the monster behind the clown’s already terrifying appearance. The Pop! Vinyl features a tear in the side of Pennywise’s mouth where we get a good view of the shard-like teeth that ripped off Georgie’s arm in the film’s first ten minutes.

I can’t decide what I love most about this one. I think it’s the twisted expression on his face on this one that makes it my favourite. What do you guys think?          

You can grab him here for $18.99 before he floats off of shelves again.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite Pennywise Pop! Vinyl has been so far and what you’re hoping to see in future releases! (Especially considering all the hype around pt.2 at the moment!)

As always, happy collecting, everyone.

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