Funko Unveils New Pop! Masks & More for Funkoween 2021

Funko Unveils New Pop! Masks & More for Funkoween 2021

Hey, collectors! Can you believe it's May already?

For those of us still mentally stuck somewhere around March 2020, the news that we're more than halfway to Halloween 2021 might come as a shock. Not for the Funko team, though! They've already been hard at work preparing for this year's Funkoween festivities, including a live stream that's set to include announcements regarding more than forty new series releases, which will kick off later today.

What is Funkoween?

For four days, running from May 24th until May 28th, the Funko team will announce on social media and via FunTV their plans for forty upcoming new release series, typically in the vein of a spooky theme. We're talking retro scares, horror lines, Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. It's like the perfect combination of a virtual Comic Con and Halloween event - and it takes place in May, proving that for some, the spooky festivities never really have to end.

What's this I hear about masks?!

Yep, you read that right. Among other sneak peaks Funko have posted to their social media pages over the last few days, one such image appears to show a strap clearly labelled as 'Pop Masks.' If, like me, your first thought turned out to be something related to the pandemic that shall not be named, in the hopes that this announcement pertained to a new, practical line of face masks... it seems we're out of luck. Take a look at the preview image yourself.

Doesn't exactly look like it's gonna be a face mask! We at Ozzie can't say we're too disappointed, though. It's true that Funatics come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and the thought of seeing our littlest collectors running around on All Hallow's Eve with a giant Pop! head mask is pretty darn cute!

Plus, the preview seems to suggest a Jack Skellington mask in our future, which could be a great addition to a Disney collection. What do you think? Does this look like a face mask, or a Halloween mask to you? And which would you prefer?

Check out the seven other sneak peaks Funko have posted so far:


Any guesses?

Let us know in the comments: do you celebrate Funkoween? Are you looking forward to any releases? 

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I wish I was able to start my Funko Pop Figures hobby collection sooner! I would have gotten some early releases from years back! Now I really have to look for collector’s items!

Don Davies

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