Funko WonderCon 2021: Everything You Need to Know!

Funko WonderCon 2021: Everything You Need to Know!

Another of Funko's virtual cons is about to roll around, and the exclusives are set to hit retailers in a mere five days. Here's how to make sure you're ready.

Like many other Comic Con events of the past year, WonderCon 2021 is being held as a virtual, c-word-safe event. (No, not that one, but c'mon - let's not invoke its name - WonderCon is a time to celebrate, not stress!)

This year, shared exclusives will be available to certain retailers such as Ozzie Collectables as of 11:00pm AEST this Friday the 23rd of April. Like with most con events, we can't confirm which exclusives will be available until the time of the drop, but here's everything Funko have announced below.

To make sure you don't miss the drop, we recommend signing up for Ozzie's newsletter, which you can do by entering your email into the form at the bottom of our website. That way we'll notify you as soon as the drop takes place with direct links to the collection page.

Which exclusives are you interested in? Which exclusives do you hope to see for Funko's next big upcoming convention? Leave us a comment!

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