Gifts for Gamers - Ozzie's Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Gifts for Gamers - Ozzie's Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Anyone who knows a gamer knows that that most obvious move—just heading down to your local game shop and picking up the first case you see—is never a smart move. Gamers have very particular taste, and if something new came out that they're interested in, chances are they already have the game itself!

But fear not, for there are still a tonne of great gifting opportunities to satisfy the video game connoisseur in your life. Check out our picks below for the top gift ideas for gamers in 2021!


$39.99 AUD

Shop all Overwatch


$19.99 AUD

Shop all Mario


$29.99 AUD

Shop all Halo


$429.99 AUD

Shop all Action Figures


$29.95 AUD

Shop all Animal Crossing


$19.99 AUD

Shop all Pop! Vinyl


$59.95 AUD

Shop all Replicas


$164.99 AUD

Shop all Resident Evil


$19.99 AUD

Shop all Fortnite


$7.99 AUD

Shop all Five Nights At Freddy's


$109.95 AUD

Shop all World of Warcraft


Still don't know what to get that special someone? Why not try a gift card!

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